Is Seeding Change Right for You?

We’ve designed our online training offerings for the middle strata that makes up most large and mid-sized companies—Program and Project Managers, Change Practitioners, and Mid-Level Leaders—career professionals responsible for planning, navigating, and implementing change in the workplace.

The Seeding Change Guarantee

We take the risk out of your upfront decision by offering you a 30-day guarantee! We’ve been teaching our core course content for decades and have delivered desired results to hundreds of corporate clients and career professionals. But if you discover that our Seeding Change program is not right for you, we will 100% refund the fee to your original form of payment within the first thirty days of purchase. We ask only that you complete a short survey first in helping us to improve the experience.
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The Seeding Change 100% Money Back Guarantee

30 Days to a Recession-Proof Reinvention

Video Course + Forums + Skill Development Clinics (SDC)

Looking to stay ahead of the curve? You’ll need a field-tested, recession-proof blueprint that keeps you flexible and adaptable—and prepared! In these video lessons, case studies, and assignments, you’ll learn how to recession-proof your reinvention and take control of your future.
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30 Days to a Recession-Proof Reinvention online course

AI in the Workplace℠

Online Course + AI Forum + Skill Development Clinics

Collaborations will change as interactions between humans and smart machines become more of the workplace norm. The demand for middle stratum implementation professionals will grow—project managers, change management practitioners, and operational managers—experienced pros skilled in navigating change and executing strategies associated with artificial intelligence and automation.
Coming this summer!
AI in the Workplace: Advanced technology for the rest of us.

Risktaking for Life: Your Pathway to Career Success at Any Age

Online Course + Forums + Skill Development Clinics

Personal and professional risktaking looks and feels differently when we're in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and as more professionals postpone retirement, even our 60’s and 70's! Learn how to seize risktaking opportunities at various intersections of your career and stages of life. Attract more opportunities that align with your personal values and ethics. Discover a myriad of ways for using temporary setbacks to your advantage as you pivot, reinvent and transform yourself as part of a larger life cycle.
Coming this fall!
Risktaking for Life: Your Pathway to Career Success at Any Age