AI + Robots + Automation in the Workplace℠

Live Webinars + Online Lessons, Student Assignments, In-Lesson Discussions

Project management, change leadership, and cross-functional operations will radically change within the next few years as companies implement and scale AIRA (AI + Robots + Automation) in the workplace. Opportunities will abound for people prepared for the shifting landscape.
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AI in the Workplace: Advanced technology for the rest of us.

Taking the Fear Out of Personal Risktaking

Stepping Stone Level (new to workplace risktaking)

Take the fear out of risktaking and become a more confident, responsible risktaker at work! This 8-week stepping stone level course will teach you how to enjoy smart risktaking that differentiates you in the workplace. (Webinar series will be delivered live with post event recordings provided.)
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Taking the fear out of personal risktaking.

New! Strategies for Risktaking Success

Intermediate Level (3+ years of direct experience)

Learn how to effectively use risktaking strategies and increase your competency in an up or down economy during this 8-week live webinar series that covers managing your career, coaching others, and managing the people side of high-risk projects.
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Mastering the Upstream and Downstream Dynamics of High-Impact Projects

Advanced Level (5+ years of direct experience)

An advanced portfolio course for product, program, project and change managers responsible for directing and navigating upstream and downstream flows.
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Mastering the Upstream and Downstream Dynamics of High-Impact Projects (advanced level)

Our Seeding Change Guarantee

We take the risk out of your upfront decision by offering you a 30-day guarantee! We’ve been teaching our core course content for decades and have delivered desired results to hundreds of corporate clients and career professionals. But if you discover that our Seeding Change program is not right for you, we will 100% refund the fee to your original form of payment within the first thirty days of purchase. We ask only that you complete a short survey first in helping us to improve the experience.
The Seeding Change 100% Money Back Guarantee

Will you be ready?

Career readiness and the workplace of the future.

Will you be ready for the workplace of the future?
  • Ability to reinvent and transform yourself ahead of the curve.

  • Ability to identify business and process stagnation and initiate the energy to change status quo situations, as required.

  • Ability to manage the cycles of change and the ability to navigate and work through ambiguity with confidence.

  • Ability to co-create and collaborate with humans and smart machines.

30 Days to a Recession-Proof Reinvention (video course)

Looking to stay ahead of the curve? You’ll need a field-tested, recession-proof blueprint that keeps you flexible, adaptive and resilient! In these video lessons, case studies, student assignments, you’ll learn how to recession-proof your reinvention and take control of your future.
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30 Days to a Recession-Proof Reinvention online course

Complimentary text-based course includes assignments and in-lesson discussions. Chapters and lessons “dripped” every five days.

Explore thirty-nine relevant ways for engaging in a reinvented world. Adapted from the book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (Dee McCrorey, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2011)
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39 Relevant Ways to Stay Engaged in a Reinvented World