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  • Relevant

    Rushing around doing more does not keep you relevant in today's workplace. Knowing how and when to transform is covered in our Accelerated Career Transformation (A.C.T.) course.

  • Timely

    Artificial intelligence is on track to replace 40% percent of blue and white collar jobs in just 10 years. In late 2018 we'll offer our webinar series on practical AI in the workplace.

  • Innovative

    Our deep experience and measured results for organizations and individuals on how to "level the innovation playing field" keep things relevant and fun.

Go Deep

We focus on training members in areas that we consider our "secret sauce". Although we may only add one or two new courses each year based on market demand and community input, we're confident that your learning will stay with you for the long haul--repeated success over time--that differentiates you within an organization as well as in the marketplace.

  • Online content provides your core learning.

  • Separate Q & A calls supplement each course.

  • Launch of member-only forums for each course beginning in 2019.

  • Specialized offerings: mini-workshops and live "career tune-ups" for members.

It's really about lifelong learning!

New knowledge and experiential learning keeps your career fresh and life interesting.

Are you a career professional looking to build your entrepreneurial bench? Do you seek a way to simplify the process of navigating career disruption? You've come to the right place!
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It's really about lifelong learning!

Accelerated Career Transformation℠

NEW Interactive Course!

Building block intensive for Seeding Change members. Layer your learning with core content, activities and resources "dripped" weekly (6 lessons in all). Course includes live Q&A calls that support your efforts in building out this new skill.
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Accelerated Career Transformation℠

AI in the Workplace℠

Coming to you in early 2019!

This course jumpstarts your ability to effectively lead and implement transformative technology programs and projects, e.g., AI, automation and smart robots. Target audiences: Project Managers and Change Management professionals; however, all members are encouraged to complete this course. Note: Live virtual training will be combined with online lessons *only* during the course launch. Recordings of these live sessions will be accessible to members as part of the full course offering going forward.
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AI in the Workplace℠

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