Change is always on the menu.

  • Reinvention Blueprint

    Successful professionals recognize the need for initiating and managing self-change and personal transformation on an ongoing basis.

  • Personal Inflection Curve

    With automation and smart machines in our future, reinventing your career in front of the curve has become a necessity instead of a nice-to-have option. In the next 30 days you’ll go deep as you explore your options and discover how to connect the right dots for your next career move. Whether you’re joining a new employer, taking on a new role within your company or considering a longer term plan of operating your own business, we simplify the process so that you don’t get in the way of your next success!

Career Reinvention with a Twist

An online course that actually works!

By Rita DuCharme, Business Process Improvement Manager

By Rita DuCharme, Business Process Improvement Manager

In preparing myself for career change, I took Dee’s 30 Day Career Reinvention course. Savvy yet methodical, the course takes the learner through an evaluation of what skill sets, work achievements, interests in other career paths, and assessment of the risk in making a career change. I followed Dee’s course of systematic thought process and determined that I could make a jump to another career position with more focus on my passion: business process improvement, while also making a move to a new geographic location. It worked!

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