The Future is Upon Us

  • Partnerships

    Working alongside smart robots in future will require humans to collaborate differently: human-to-human and human-to-machine.

  • Preparation

    Remaining relevant in the workplace of the future requires enhanced skills, new knowledge, and continuous improvement. Dee recommends completing Andrew Ng’s “AI for Everyone” Coursera training (—free or for fee version—as a prerequisite to “AI in the Workplace”.

  • Opportunities

    Leverage advanced technologies--and subset of these technologies--to help you streamline processes and innovate in new ways.

A Bridge to the Future

Jumpstart your ability to effectively lead and implement transformative technology programs and projects, e.g., AI, automation and smart robotics. Are you currently (or plan to become) a project manager, project lead or project specialist? Perhaps, you're an organizational change practitioner responsible for the people side of change. Are you ready to differentiate yourself for the evolving workplace? We encourage all Seeding Change members to complete this series and participate in the discussion given that successful team collaborations will look different in the coming years as advanced technologies become a big part of the workplace norm.


  • What will this series cover?

    This course prepares you for effectively leading project teams and helping others navigate and prepare for the impacts of advanced technologies on how we get work done in future. You'll learn new ways for collaborating with smart machines that in the next three to five years will become more prevalent in the workplace.

  • Are you targeting this series for specific learners?

    This course will directly benefit Program and Project Managers, Project Leads, and Change Leaders and change practitioners; however, all members are encouraged to participate in this training. Advanced technologies will impact--directly and indirectly--the workplace and workforce of the future. Preparing for the unknown before it presents itself ensures that you're ready to seize opportunities when they arise.

  • What support do you offer your students?

    We'll offer a private #Slack AI group for shared learning in addition to our bi-weekly skill development clinics where you can practice applying what you've learned within a supporting environment.

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