Scrappy is always frugal...

but frugal is not always scrappy.

Seeding Change Founder

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Dee McCrorey

Author, Certified Change Leader (CMP), Producer, Doc Filmmaker, Podcaster

Dee McCrorey

As a former corporate trainer with decades of practical experience in program management, supply chain operations, and organizational change leadership, I’ve been teaching professionals the art of reinventing their careers as a stepping stone to transforming their lives since the 1970s. Seeding Change was launched in 2018 as a flexible way to help career professionals better manage personal risktaking and ambiguity in the workplace, while preparing them for the future of work where AI and smart machines will require different capabilities. We would be delighted to serve as your navigator and guide on your own transformative journey as you discover the power that comes from showing up like you mean it—designing, building and owning your success. Learn more about me at and

Course curriculum

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  • 2

    The Scrappy Side of Communication

    • Scrappy Communication: Flexing Your Preferences (download)
  • 3

    Stakeholder Credibility by Design

    • Lesson 1: 6 Effective Ways to Build Dynamic Stakeholder Relationships
    • Four Pillars of Credibility (download)
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  • 4

    Scrappy Budgeting

    • Lesson 2: Scrappy Budgeting for the Corporate Entrepreneur
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  • 5

    Bridging Change

    • Lesson 3: Scrappy Corporate Entrepreneurs as Stewards of Change
    • Risktaking Style Self-Assessment (download)
    • Collaborative Risktaking: The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way
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  • 6

    Scrappy Project Management

    • Lesson 4: Scrappy Project Management Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurs
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