Scrappy is always frugal...

but frugal is not always scrappy.

Seeding Change Founder

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Dee McCrorey

Author, Certified Change Leader (CMP), Learning Producer, Doc Filmmaker

Dee McCrorey

I launched Seeding Change in 2018 after decades of practical experience in program management, supply chain operations, and organizational change leadership as a means of helping professionals reinvent their careers and transform their lives. I want you to discover the power that comes from building upon your own success—we’re excited to have you join us on this transformative journey! Learn more at and

Course curriculum

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  • 2

    The Scrappy Side of Communication

    • Scrappy Communication: Flexing Your Preferences (download)
  • 3

    Stakeholder Credibility by Design

    • Lesson 1: 6 Effective Ways to Build Dynamic Stakeholder Relationships
    • Four Pillars of Credibility (download)
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  • 4

    Scrappy Budgeting

    • Lesson 2: Scrappy Budgeting for the Corporate Entrepreneur
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  • 5

    Bridging Change

    • Lesson 3: Scrappy Corporate Entrepreneurs as Stewards of Change
    • Risktaking Style Self-Assessment (download)
    • Collaborative Risktaking: The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way
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  • 6

    Scrappy Project Management

    • Lesson 4: Scrappy Project Management Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurs
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