Career Lifecycle

  • Repeatable

    The need for career transformations will occur on a regular basis throughout your professional life. A blueprint with built-in flexibility keeps you adaptable.

  • Focus

    You could use a transformation as a stepping stone to your 5-year plan: transform once, then reinvent yourself twice, before reaching your goal.

  • Transform for the Future

    Incremental change won't be enough in a world of robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. Transform your career with the future in mind.


  • Who is this series for?

    This 6-week Accelerated Career Transformation intensive will teach you what goes into accelerating a career transformation for yourself or for others. Differentiate yourself as someone who can include managing accelerated change as a skillset.

  • What can I expect?

    We'll use Zoom HD video conferencing for the series, therefore you'll need access to the internet. The format includes 60 minute live & recorded sessions. We'll consider adding live sessions more convenient to our international Seeding Change members, if enough interest exists.

  • What happens before the call?

    You'll receive links to reading material / resources prior to the event. Breakout topics will be posted on the series page prior to the call. Members can volunteer to facilitate a breakout session. Breakout room participants have full audio, video and screen share capabilities.

  • What happens during the call?

    We'll spend the first 30 minutes covering the course content. You'll then have a chance to spend 20 minutes in breakout sessions where we randomly assign breakout topics posted prior to the call. Teams will discuss the topic and capture their key learning from the lesson. We'll close out our call with your experiential field work, so that you can apply on the job what you've learned.

  • What happens after the call?

    Breakout teams will use the forums to share their key learning and to jump start our discussions. The lesson recording is posted on the series page within 24 hours.

Seeding Change members pay one price & get full course + webinar access.

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