The Future is Upon Us

  • New Partnerships

    What will working alongside the advanced technologies of the near future require of career professionals?

  • Opportunities

    Explore and seek out the opportunities of AI and subset of technologies that will alter the workplace of the future.

  • Preparation

    Differentiating yourself will require enhanced skills and new knowledge to remain relevant in the workplace.


  • Who is this series for?

    This course prepares Seeding Change members for effectively collaborating with and managing the advanced technologies that are here today (automation and robotics), as well as those coming down the pike faster than many people are ready for (AI and smart machines).

  • Are you targeting this series for specific learners?

    Although this course will benefit Program Leaders, Project Managers and Change Management professionals, all members are encouraged to participate. This technological transformation will impact companies of all sizes and the workforces that support these businesses.

  • What support do you offer students?

    Due to the complexity of this course, we will alternate between online lessons and live/recorded training over eight weeks. We'll also offer a private #Slack AI group for shared learning in addition to our regular Q&A calls.